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Britannica School

The go-to site for K-12 research

Named best digital tool for teaching and learning and best digital tool for blended learning

Britannica Fundamentals

Read, explore, play, create

Britannica Fundamentals is filled with games, read-aloud books, drawing, and science exploration for Pre-K learners

Britannica Escolar

Universally trusted for accurate content in Spanish

With two levels—Primaria for elementary and Secundaria for middle school— Escolar offers unique content that is of interest to every student

Britannica Moderna

The definitive Spanish-language resource

For native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and students learning Spanish, older students can turn to Britannica Moderna for their research needs

Britannica ImageQuest

Safe, legal, and diverse media for schools and libraries

Get the best and broadest offering of rights-cleared and curriculum-relevant imagery

Merriam-Webster Unabridged

For writers, college students, researchers, & everyday word nerds

Exclusive access to Merriam-Webster’s most comprehensive definitions in America’s largest, most powerful dictionary

Universalis Junior

French language learning for ages 7 and up

An easy-to-use and engaging tool that teaches research skills with more than 4,000 articles

Encyclopædia Universalis

The largest French-language reference resource

This extensive collection of French-language resources responds to the needs of schools, libraries, students, and anyone doing research.

Britannica Online Japan

For student learners & native Japanese speakers

The most extensive Japanese language resource for high school and university students available

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DEI + Culturally Responsive Teaching


Social Emotional Learning


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Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Let Britannica help build the right training plan for your staff.

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Expedition: Learn! Scope & Sequence

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View the available lessons for elementary and middle school science and social studies

Expedition: Learn! Teacher Toolkits

Expedition: Learn! Reading Levels

Choose between 4 reading levels to meet the needs of every learner

Expedition: Learn! Spark Video

Each Expedition: Learn! Lesson begins with a video to spark students’ interest in the topic


Britannica Expedition: Learn!

Ignite the spark of curiosity and accelerate learning

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