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California school districts have access to the following through California State Library.

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Britannica School

The Ultimate Learning Destination for Today’s Learners

A multi-level, award-winning digital PreK-12 resource hub, Britannica School offers diverse, interactive content for students and educators.

Britannica School

The go-to site for K-12 research

Named best digital tool for teaching and learning and best digital tool for blended learning

Britannica Fundamentals

Inspire Emergent Learners to
Create, Play, and Explore

A vibrant environment filled with interactive games, read-aloud books, and a fun digital art board for Pre-K learners.

Britannica Escolar

The Essential Spanish-Language
Reference Tool for PreK-8

Offering immersive, bilingual educational content across two key stages, ideal for Spanish-speaking students and educators.

Maximize Your Subscription Resources

Support implementation, product knowledge, and expansion of access across your school, district, and community.

Professional Learning

Keep pace with ever-evolving teaching practices and technologies with our live and on-demand webinars from our team of Education Consultants.

Training Videos

Britannica’s Education Consultants created a collection of short videos to explain various features within your Britannica resources. View these videos at your own leisure and share them with other users.

Personalized Learning, Online or On-site

Support implementation, product knowledge, and expansion of access across your school, district, and community, with research-driven workshops curated by a team of educational experts with real classroom experience.

Live Webinars

Six 1-hour live virtual sessions held annually for educator training on your Britannica tools, recorded for flexible 24/7 access and customizable to California’s standards

Onsite Learning

Discover how to enhance learning with your Britannica resources through two in-person learning days, split into two 3-hour sessions (AM/PM).

Asynchronous Learning Plan

Gain 24/7 access to recorded, self-paced tutorials with quizzes, completion certificates, and closed captioning for enhanced accessibility.

Web-Based Microlearning

Discover our live, 30-minute sessions tailored to California Standards, offering focused guidance on using our tools effectively, with each dedicated to specific product features.

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Upcoming Microlearning Opportunities

Join us each month for 30-minute virtual sessions to learn more about how Britannica can help California educators curate resources for their students to meet student standards related to the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

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Professional Learning

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Technical Support

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Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Let Britannica help build the right training plan for your staff.

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Expedition: Learn! Scope & Sequence

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View the available lessons for elementary and middle school science and social studies

Expedition: Learn! Teacher Toolkits

Expedition: Learn! Reading Levels

Choose between 4 reading levels to meet the needs of every learner

Expedition: Learn! Spark Video

Each Expedition: Learn! Lesson begins with a video to spark students’ interest in the topic


Britannica Expedition: Learn!

Ignite the spark of curiosity and accelerate learning

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